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About Save The Innocent

Nilofar Ahmed, founder of Save The Innocents (STI), believed if she could save one child from slavery her efforts would be worthwhile. She has done far more than that. Nilofar is originally from Pakistan but lived with her family in the USA for many years and it was there that she saw the documentary that inspired her to launch STI. She traveled to Pakistan, accompanied by a friend, not knowing how her ideas would be greeted by the local elders. They identified a village, just outside of Karachi where the villagers, not only needed help but were also prepared to help themselves. Nilofar realized that giving the people money was not the answer to providing a sustainable future for the children. Her first priority was to rescue them from slavery and put them into full-time education, but this could not be done overnight. First of all, an alternative source of income had to be provided for the families. STI raised enough money to provide the villagers with a number of goats, cows, and chickens, which in turn would provide them with a regular income. In return, they had to guarantee that every child in the village would attend school. The money earned from keeping the livestock far outweighed the money that could be earned by the children in the brick or carpet factories. 

Transformed Lives Through Save The Innocents

To give the villagers a sense of ownership and responsibility, part of the money they earned had to be returned to STI. The charity provided a school and, when realizing that good health was an integral part of regular attendance, they set up a hospital, providing a doctor for two years. STI also provided two wells, and five hand pumps, because fresh water is essential to good health. The success of the project, which has now been handed back to the community, can be witnessed on our video by clicking here and its update by clicking here. Providing education is STI’s top priority. Our work continues. We need your help.

Note: All donations are tax exempted under 501(c)(3).