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Save The Future School

Bring A Smile To A Child’s Face And Give Hope To Their Future.


We Have Opened A New School

In 2010, STI started its second project in Lyari, Karachi to provide an education for children who would normally be unable to afford it due to poverty.

STI has opened this school and has provided not only teachers, but also all the equipment needed by the students; text books, paper, exercise books, stationary and even school uniform.

Just like our previous school, this school is free of cost for the parents, so there will be no hurdle for these innocent children to get the education they deserve. Remember 92% of your donation goes directly to help children.

All Donations Are Tax Exempted Under 501(C)(3)

As always, we realize that small beginnings lead to greater things. Our first intake was in March 2010,  and we had 125 children in years 2010 to 2011 in three grades and five sections. We currently have 260 students receiving free education. Our long term plan is to offer this opportunity to many more children. With your help we can. Providing education is STI’s top priority for giving children a brighter future.

$40 provides  a teacher’s salary for one month (a dollar a day).

$10 for a child will provide books, copies, and school supplies.

$6000 will sponsor the school for half a year.

$12000 will brighten these innocents’ future for a whole year.

$7 will provide a uniform for a student.